About Us

The Winchester-Clark County Industrial Development Authority (WCCIDA) is a special government entity created by and between the County of Clark and the City of Winchester. Created, governed, and operated under Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS 154.50-301 to 154.50-346).

The purpose of the WCCIDA is to support existing industries in the community as well as to promote the area for future business investment.

The WCCIDA is staffed by an Executive Director and an Assistant Director. The WCCIDA Staff reports to a Board of Directors made up of three appointees from the County Judge Executive and three appointees from the City Mayor. Both the Judge Executive and the City Mayor are ex-officio members of the board.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of WCCIDA is to support existing industries, promote new industry investment, strengthen relationships between the community and industry, and foster a specific and precise education environment to support workforce development.

Our Vision:

WCCIDA will be a catalyst for improving the quality of life and place because we have helped:

  1. To maintain and grow our economic base by supporting existing industries while actively recruiting new industries.
  2. To strengthen the relationships in our community between and among industry, education, and government.
  3. To constantly improve WCCIDA by engaging the region and implementing best practices in industrial and economic development.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

The Winchester-Clark County Industrial Development Authority (WCCIDA) values diversity, equity, and inclusion as we pursue economic growth, job creation, and workforce development. We will promote these values among our partners, our board, and our staff as well as in our policies and practices. We will demonstrate these values through our work and relationships with individuals, groups, and businesses both locally and globally.